12/24/2010-We're pregnant!
3/23/2011-Tuckers a boy. We also find out he has Myelomeningocele. Which is a defect where the spinal cord doesn't fully develop. Essentially the spinal cord has an opening. This also causes hydrocephalus; spinal fluid builds up in the ventricals (in the head) and needs a shunt put into to circulate back into the body.
3/28/11-Met with neurologist to talk about severity of Tucker's defect. It was hell waiting 5 days. After having a good talk, Liane and I went and did some baby shoppiing. It was a great day of relief.
7/27/11-C-section date 730am. Surgery to close his spine to come within 48hrs.
7/28/11-Surgery to close spine.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

September 2012

Go Seahawks!

Family day at Target 
First time at the Puyallup Fair

August 2012

About to get my shots from Dr. Gould

Uncle Ted may be the only person that can put me to bed outside of my parents and Memere.

Mawmaw visits!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Tucker had his annual appointments with both Pediatrics and Urology. He still is a little guy, around the 3rd percentile. He is sitting up, using both hands, and extremely close to crawling.  His legs move a lot more now, kicking and putting weight on them. He's got 2 little teeth on the bottom and we think there are more coming. He said "da da" for the first time last friday, 8/3/12, now it seems like all he says is "da da da da da da da da" lol. The ultrasound on his bladder showed a full bladder. So urology has us cathing him once a day to make sure he is emptying completely. He is a big bundle of joy! He has so much fun playing with toys and looking at everything he can get his eyes on. He LOVES new people, he wants to talk, and smile, and play with almost everyone he sees. Just a very very happy baby! We love him more and more each day.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tucker's 1st Birthday Party

Tucker's New Love for High Chairs

Paw Paw and cousin Tovi visit for Tucker's Birthday Week

Tucker has a new love for high chairs, since now he can hold himself up.

Playing with Paw Paw.

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park.

Tucker loved the Sea Otters

11 Months Old

To the market with Memere.

Headed to the M's game, I think he's excited...

Lunch with Aunt Ruth before the M's game 
M's Game with Memere

Ichiro got traded to the Yankees 2 days later.

First Trip to Boston to see Liane's Family

90+ degrees everyday we were there, lots of "diaper only" days.

Hangin' by the pool at Ron and Jane's house.

Playing with mommy and cousins Chloe and Mia

Tour of Fenway Park. Tucker is wearing his first ball cap.

Playing with cousin Chloe and Uncle Greg

First dip in a pool.

We fell asleep on the lawn at Grandma Lee's cousin Wendy's  house.  Grandma Lee' s family is huge, the 4th of July party was catered with lobster and all. 
York Beach Maine

A day at York Beach in Maine.

First Family Photo's

10 Months Old